Eagle Newsletter – December 2022

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To Educate Students Intellectually…

At East Hill, we are committed to creating a learning environment that is loving, supportive and reflects the highest standards of scholarship. We saw this displayed this month through this year’s National History Day Fair. This year’s theme was Frontiers in History: People, Places, Ideas.

Our middle and high school students presented outstanding History Fair projects that displayed their hard work and enthusiasm for their chosen topic. Congratulations to this year’s winners, listed to the right, who will represent EHCS at the Escambia County District History Fair in early 2023.

Senior Individual Exhibit:
First place: Gwyneth Keene
Second place: Emma Gleason
Third place: Victoria Dela Cruz

Senior Group Exhibit:
First place: Sophia Bondurant & Bailey Hansler
Second place: Ana Budianto, Daniel Lysenko, Kendall Gorelikow, & Zach Schroeder
Third place: Annoelyn Lawson, Kaitlyn Harris, & Saradha Hudspeth

Senior Individual Website:
First Place: Jack Treick
Second Place: Abigail Hrabar
Third Place: Luke Tarnosky

Senior Group Website:
First place: Carsyn Clanton & Reiss Goldman
Second place: Caden White, Breanna Sheffield, & Jacob Coltrane

Senior Individual Documentary:
First place: Jonathan Lin

Junior Individual Exhibit:
First place: Emma Osborn
Second place: Abby Hudspeth
Third place: Gage Matheny

Junior Group Exhibit:
First place: Brooke Stubblefield & Emmy DeLaMare
Second place: Avery Grizzard, Henry Fortner, & Joel Seabrook
Third Place: Jayden Roman, Eden Snyder, & Bailey Fitzgerald

Thanksgiving Family Luncheon

Thank you to everyone who joined us at our Thanksgiving luncheon! We enjoyed a lovely afternoon gathering together with family and friends to reflect on all of the Lord’s blessings.

A special shoutout to our senior class for their amazing food service and our middle school choir for a beautiful performance!

Sadie Hawkins

The Student Government Association hosted their annual Sadie Hawkins Dance for our high school students. This year’s event was a western theme and
included a night full of dancing, games, Mr. Roper’s famous Eagleccinos, and a fall bonfire.

Thank you to all our students, faculty, and parents who made this night possible!


The EHCS faculty and staff were surprised with a special visit from a couple of the PTF moms this past month. They visited both campuses
and gave out special treats and drinks as a thank you to the teachers and staff.

Fifth Grade had the opportunity to perform a Reader’s Theater for Thanksgiving during Chapel. Our elementary students and faculty enjoyed seeing their reading and performing skills shine through this activity!

PTF says a big thank you to all those who helped with their coupon book fundraiser and congratulations to our top selling students who got the chance to
participate in the money jump!

5th Grade History Fun

Field Trip to the USS Alabama and the History Fair

Fifth graders had the chance to go to the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park for a day full of exploring, learning, and fun! After just finishing up their unit in history of the World Wars, this was the perfect way for them to see the history first hand.

They also didn’t want to miss out on any National History Day fun so they created their own spin on things to go along with their biography unit. They heard from Louis Armstrong, Michael Jordan, Martin Luther King Jr., and everyone in between!

Middle School Science

6th grade science students have been learning about energy, forces, & simple machines. Students creatively showed these forces at work by creating catapults to launch marshmallows, balancing a ping pong ball with the air of a blow dryer, and many other fun demonstrations.

Elementary Art

This month our young artists have been busy working with textiles, learning how to weave Christmas trees and experimenting with quilting
techniques. They have been inspired by the work of Faith Ringgold and her beautiful quilts. Our artists are so excited to show off their masterpieces during our Christmas programs. Be sure not to miss it and to pick up your student’s work then!

Also, thank you to everyone who supported the art fundraiser and for those of you who have donated fabrics, buttons, ribbons, etc. The art classroom
is always excited to repurpose old items!

Christmas Chapel

We will be celebrating “A Very Merry Bob Ross Christmas” with a service project and costume contest. The best Bob Ross
costumes will get a small prize!

We will be watching a Bob Ross Video while the students create masterpieces that will be given to local nursing center residents as Christmas gifts. We want our elderly neighbors to know they are loved by the students at EHCS! We will draw, listen to a Christmas message by our very own Taylor Kilcoyne and finish up
with Christmas cookies and hot chocolate.

We need both volunteers and donations to pull off this creative spectacular. Please consider donating your time or contribution.

This season’s service project is the annual First City Church stocking stuffer drive for foster families. Classes will be competing for number of stocking stuffers received and the teachers will be bringing their donation to our Christmas service chapel so that we can pray for the families and children who will be receiving the gifts. The class with the most donations wins an ice cream party!

Click here to donate your time or contributions

Elementary Christmas Program

You don’t want to miss this year’s Christmas programs! On Friday, December 9th, at 6:00pm, the 3rd-5th graders will be presenting “Christmas at Bethlehem Gulch.” 3rd-4th grade students should report to their classrooms that evening at 5:15pm. Gym doors open for seating at 5:30pm. The K4-2nd students will be presenting “The Joy of Christmas” on Thursday, December 15th, at 11:00am in the First City Church sanctuary. Doors open for seating at 10:30am.

Jingle All the Way Day

On Friday, December 9th, Student Leadership will be hosting our annual Jingle All the Way Day. Students can dress in their favorite comfy Christmas attire. This includes hats, sweats, and PJ’s (school appropriate) that are Christmas-themed. There will be a prize for the best Christmas spirit represented at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. The cost to participate is $5 and supports the Student Leadership Orlando trip coming up in January.

2023 Homecoming Party in the USA

We cannot wait to celebrate this year’s homecoming, Party in the USA,

January 17th-20th. Here’s a glimpse into some fun to come!
Tuesday – Soccer Moms and BBQ Dads
Wednesday – USA Day (red, white, and blue)
Thursday – All American (sports jerseys)
Friday – Party in the USA (grade levels will select a state –
Example: Hawaii with aloha wear, Texas with western dress)
Saturday – Homecoming Dance (details coming soon)

A Glimpse into our Student’s Work


Chewing Gum in School
By: 6A Student

Were you allowed to chew gum in class? If not, did you want to? Sadly, students still can’t chew gum in classrooms. There are so many benefits of
chewing gum! It can help improve memory, help people stay focused, and you can burn calories just by chewing it.

First of all, chewing gum can help build memory. During tests, students should be allowed to chew gum so they can remember what they were taught about that lesson. Also, students should chew gum while studying, so they can recall what the teacher wanted you to study. If you can’t recollect what you were studying, it’s just like you didn’t even study because you don’t remember what you were looking through.

Secondly, gum can help you stay focused. If you have any tests or quizzes coming up and you haven’t stayed focus in class, you are most likely going to get a lot of questions wrong. One can also achieve their goals because they were paying attention, taking notes, and staying focused in class. Staying focused will help you remember things your teacher was talking about.

Most importantly, students can stay healthy by burning calories while they are chewing gum! After Thanksgiving dinner, you probably ate like a king, eating dessert, stuffing, ham, turkey, and many other things. You can chew gum and burn about eleven calories per hour! If you enjoy chewing gum, you can burn calories doing what you like to do.

Wrapping this all up, us students should be allowed to chew gum in classrooms. We can stay focused, improve our memory, and most importantly, we can stay healthy by burning a few calories per hour. So, you should think about all these reasons so we can have more alert and healthy students. Besides, wouldn’t you want to give other people things that you wish you should’ve gotten when you were a kid?

Dates to Remember

December 3 – Breakfast with Santa
December 7 – A Very Merry Bob Ross Christmas Chapel
December 9 – Jingle All the Way and Christmas Programs
December 10 – Parents Night Out Senior Fundraiser
December 14-16 – Semester Exams and Student Half Days
December 18-January 2 – Schools Closed for Christmas Holidays