We understand that your child’s education is one of the biggest decisions your family will make. You want them to be seen and loved. You want them to be challenged academically. You want to see them grow socially and given opportunities to use their gifts to serve others.  Yet, we also realize that investing in private Christian education is a challenge for many families.  However, we believe that investing in your child’s education can have lasting influence on the rest of their lives. 

At East Hill Christian School, we will educate, empower, and elevate your student through the following strategies:


College-prep Curriculum
Exceptional Educators


Spiritual Life Retreats
Weekly Chapel Programs


Clubs and Organizations


By Jun 1
By Jun 1 & Dec 1
Jun 1, Sep 1,
Dec 1, Mar 1
Aug 1 to May 1
Jun 1 to May 1
Grades K5-5$7,875$3,937.50$1,968.75$787.50$656.25
Grades 6-12$8,690$4,345$2,172.50$869$724.17

Multi-Student Scholarship – Receive up to a $240 tuition scholarship per child for the 3rd child and beyond for those enrolled in K5-12.

Enrollment Fees

Enrollment Fee
Grades K5-12

per student
– Returning families can claim a $100 discount on enrollment if paid by the last day of February.
– Enrollment Fee is non-refundable.
– The enrollment fee includes textbooks, workbooks, and science lab fees; The following are not included in tuition or registration and will be billed or collected through online payments: Class Dues, Field Trips, select HS Electives, Lunches, PE Uniforms, and Athletics.

Spiritual Life Retreats & Other Expenses

  • Class Dues (billed monthly): 9th Grade $120/yr; 10th Grade $180/yr; 11th Grade $240/yr; 12th Grade $300/yr
    The non-refundable class dues go towards junior and senior activities (Prom, Senior Trip, etc.). Students who transfer to EHCS their Junior year will be responsible for $90 in addition to listed dues, and students who transfer their Senior year will be responsible for $200 in addition to listed dues.
  • Athletic Fees: Typical fee is $100 per sport, due before the first game. Booster Club Fee: minimum $75/family/year
  • Grade 8 Camp Baldwin: Fall retreat approximately $100
  • Grades 6-8 Camp Victory: Spring retreat approximately $110 (billed in 3 installments Feb, Mar, and Apr)
  • Grades 9-12 Spring Conference: Approximately $25