Athletics at EHCS

At EHCS, athletics is an integral part of our students’ education. Participation in our many sports programs allows opportunity for our students to develop character and values through experience. Athletics provide opportunities to grow, develop and mature. Our athletic programs are designed to enhance our students’ commitment to academics, service, Christian values as well as their athletic talents. Our Athletics foster a positive campus culture and foster a sense of community at EHCS.

Our goal through our athletic programs is to help students develop a Christ-like attitude and lifestyle. We expect our athletes to be a Christian witness on and off the campus. We feel that learning to be part of a team is a healthy and worthwhile experience. At EHCS, success is not only measured by wins but by the quality of the young people we graduate. They will compete to win but winning is not our primary goal. Our students will use sports to glorify
God and to gain life perspective.


Athletic Teams

Athletic Seasons

Fall Teams

Volleyball – JV & Varsity Girls; Grades 6-12
Cross Country – JV & Varsity Boys/Girls; Grades 6-12
Cheerleading – JV, Varsity & Competition; Grades 6-12

Winter Teams

Basketball – Elementary, MS, JV & Varsity Boys; Grades 3-12
Basketball – Girls Varsity; Grades 6-12
Soccer – Elementary, JV & Varsity Boys/Girls; Grades 3-12
Cheerleading – Pep Squad*, JV, Varsity & Competition; Grades K5-12

Spring Teams

Baseball – JV & Varsity Boys; Grades 6-12
Softball – Varsity Girls; Grades 6-12
Tennis – Boys/Girls; Grades 6-12

*Grade exceptions are made with the consent of the Athletic Director in coordination with coach and parents of potential athlete
**Not required to pay to join the booster club