Middle School

Grades 6-8

If you’re a parent of a middle schooler, you’re witnessing the significant changes happening to your child. Academically, they’re studying more challenging subjects. Socially and emotionally, they’re discovering new friendships and craving a sense of belonging. Spiritually, they’re asking big questions about God and are trying to understand their roles in His story.

You envision a school that will support your child in these changes, a place where they’ll be embraced and valued.

At East Hill Christian School, we desire the same things for your child. Through a biblical worldview curriculum, enriching student life, and a supportive community, we empower middle schoolers to succeed in their next steps. Below, you’ll find an overview of our program, including:


School Culture

A connected, thriving community for your child

During this season, you’ll notice that your growing pre-teen is starting to value friendships more. They want to feel a sense of belonging — and to know that their thoughts, feelings, and dreams matter. At EHCS, we foster a spiritual and connected community by partnering with families to teach middle schoolers to:

Emphasize respect for others and themselves

Through teacher mentors, senior buddies, and huddle groups, middle schoolers learn character traits such as compassion, integrity, and embracing individual differences.

Form Authentic Relationships

Our small class sizes allow teachers to connect and understand each student’s unique gifts, passions, and interests.

Grow in Faith

Bible studies, small group discussions, chapel, and campus discipleship opportunities all plant seeds of spiritual growth in our students.

Mature in Wisdom

Through partnering with parents, character education, and a biblical worldview curriculum, our middle schoolers are equipped to make choices in light of God’s Word.

Our daughter has had a wonderful middle school experience at East Hill Christian School. She has been academically challenged, grown in her faith, and made lots of friends.

 – The Lurton Family

Explore a place where your preteen can flourish.

As you consider private middle schools in Pensacola, FL, we’d like to answer any questions you may have about EHCS. You may reach out to us at (850) 438-7746 or at info@ehcseagles.com.

Academic Offerings

A robust curriculum that equips your preteen for high school and beyond

Middle school is more than just a transition between elementary and high school. We understand that this is a crucial opportunity to set up our students for success through:

Strong Academics

Every part of our curriculum is designed to ensure college readiness and the application of subjects to real-life scenarios. Through integrating technology, in-depth classroom discussions, and collaborative projects, we encourage critical thinking and creativity among our middle schoolers.

Leadership Opportunities

Your preteen can explore programs that will develop leadership skills, including Student Council, Student Leadership University, and community service.

Enriching Clubs and Electives

Middle school students engage in electives such as Drama, Choir, and Computers, and clubs such as Math Counts, Student Council, and Book Club — all opportunities to nurture your child’s unique gifts and build healthy friendships.

Robust Athletics

Through a partnership with Pensacola Recreation League, we bring opportunities for middle schoolers to train and compete with other Christian and private schools in the area. Our sports programs, including soccer, basketball, baseball, and softball, develop our students’ physical skills, discipline, determination, and team spirit.

High School Prep

Building a foundation for success

EHCS provides middle schoolers with what they need to thrive in their next steps. Your preteen will experience many opportunities to be mentored through our program, which emphasizes high school and college readiness.

Setting Goals

We encourage middle schoolers starting eighth grade to be intentional with their health, nutrition, and overall well-being through our HOPE Program. Students meet with the guidance counselor to discuss high school goals and grade-level subject requirements.


Your preteen will learn to express their ideas and thoughts through collaborative classroom discussions, club activities, and giving input to our faculty on the classes they would like to take.

Fostering Independence

Our passionate teachers model and set student expectations for academic and character development. By providing appropriate guidance and leadership opportunities, our middle schoolers move toward healthy independence.


EHCS presents a wealth of opportunities for middle schoolers to receive spiritual and academic mentorship. Huddle Groups, MS Spiritual Life Retreat, and peer mentorship are all exciting programs encouraging students to learn from others while receiving support.

Campus Safety

Our beautiful campus is located in the East Hill District of Pensacola, FL, where families typically commute 5-30 minutes to school. Student safety is a top priority for EHCS — we want parents to have peace of mind as they entrust their children to our care. We implement measures such as a fenced campus, security personnel, locked doors, visitor check-ins, staff background checks, as well as fire and safety drills.

Through our intentional teacher-student mentorships and guidance counseling sessions, your preteen will have a safe space to share emotional, social, spiritual, and academic concerns.

See EHCS for Yourself

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