College Guidance

The guidance office at East Hill Christian works closely with our high school students and parents to guide them through the rigorous process of preparing for college. We know that the next step can feel daunting. We want to partner with you in the journey!

High School is a time of focus, self-exploration, and achievement. Our goal is to assist each student in making educational choices that will foster his/her personal, educational, and social development.

Classes are taught with student-centered instructional strategies that promote innovation, collaboration and creativity while developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills. We also offer extensive co-curricular opportunities in athletics, clubs, and leadership to promote student growth outside of the classroom, as well.


9th Grade

Starting in 9th grade, students meet with our guidance counselor for 1:1 or group sessions to discuss the required classes per semester. They’re also offered choices to pursue electives while understanding the value of maintaining grades for their transcripts.

10th Grade

For 10th grade, your teen will have more options to take Honors Classes and electives. Our guidance counselor will continue to meet students 1:1 or in groups to discuss meeting coursework requirements while encouraging them to sign up for PSC classes or take the PSAT exam.

11th Grade

In 11th grade, students receive the same level of care and support with our guidance counselor to discuss required classes. Your teen will be prepared to take the ACT or SAT exams and begin meeting with college representatives.

12th Grade

Our 12th graders prepare for their final year in high school by meeting with a college counselor, completing their college applications, and having discussions with the principal to discuss their future plans. College representatives visit to provide seniors with an overview of top school choices.