Elementary Music

At EHCS, we believe that music is important for educating the WHOLE child. Beginning in VPK, students learn the importance of using music in daily worship by learning and singing songs with sound theology as well as learning music that partners with everyday concepts in education. Through instrument exploration, stories, movement and beginning music appreciation, we are reinforcing early reading, body and spatial awareness, and following basic instructions among many other things.

By kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade, students are learning the basics of music theory, music appreciation, how to use and play various percussion instruments and proper use of their very own built in instrument–their voice.

In 3rd, 4th and 5th grade, students dive into a deeper understanding of the science behind their voices and how their voices work in elementary chorus. They are also introduced to basic drama concepts as they prepare and perform a Christmas musical each December. Third and fourth graders participate in the choreographed choir performance while fifth graders get to be the actors in the play!

Middle School Chorus

Our middle school chorus program is offered to 6th and 7th graders as electives.
Students in chorus participate in a more concentrated regimen of vocal techniques to more properly use their changing voices. They learn vocal techniques which include but are not limited to breath support, intonation and proper diction as well as polishing listening skills and tuning their voices in a group setting. God’s Word is still the standard as we continue to understand how the singing voice works and we work through all the changes the voice goes through at this stage of development. Students are led to a deeper understanding of the purpose of music and how to use their God-given abilities to praise and worship Him Who has done so much for us!

Students in chorus have the opportunity to perform songs at several of our annual events at school including at Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, awards ceremonies and chapels.