School Technology

East Hill’s computer lab is complete with MS Office and a suite of photo, web, and movie editing software. Beginning in second grade, students have access to computer technology. In the elementary grades, computer instruction centers on teaching basic familiarity with computers, essential keyboarding skills, and computer projects that are integrated with core classroom instruction. Once in middle school, students are given the opportunity to dive into the world of coding as a tool for creativity, communication, and problem solving.

All East Hill Christian School students have a Google Suite account, allowing students and teachers to collaborate with each other on assignments and projects, as well as improving student’s digital literacy in a constantly evolving digital landscape. Within each classroom, teachers have access to a classroom set of laptops for student use in research, learning, creating, and designing.

We believe that technology is fundamental to understanding and participating in society and is a valuable tool for students today and in their future endeavors.

Digital Goals & Objectives

Our primary goals concerning EHCS technology integration are as follows:

  • To equip students to fulfill the Great Commission in a digital society
  • To excel in core subject areas while developing new skill sets for future achievement
  • To engage students in a lifetime of self- motivated learning
  • To enhance communication between administrators, teachers, parents, and students
  • To emphasize biblical and ethical responsibility regarding technology
  • To meet the needs of students in a media-rich society who are increasingly visual and interactive learners