High School

gRADES 9-12

High school is a remarkable season of change. You’re witnessing your teen discover their unique passions, build relationships with others, and balance more responsibilities. As a parent, you’re aware that these are crucial years, and you understand how the environment can powerfully shape your teen’s heart and mind. Beyond preparing for college, you desire a school where they’ll find a faith-filled community and receive support to discover their fullest potential.

At East Hill Christian School, we recognize what’s most important to parents like you. With a college prep and biblical worldview-focused high school program, we empower teens to thrive morally, intellectually, and spiritually. Below, you’ll find an overview of what we offer, including:


Academic Program

Equipped To Excel for God’s Glory

EHCS is a private high school that strives to provide an academically rigorous and biblically sound curriculum that prepares students for college and beyond.

Academic Tracks

Our course offerings are designed to be college-preparatory. Core subjects include English, science, math, social studies, and Bible. EHCS students can accelerate progress through Honors Classes, Dual Enrollment through Pensacola State College (PSC), and electives in Florida Virtual School.

Leadership Development

Your teen will have opportunities to refine skills such as critical thinking, collaboration with others, and problem-solving through leadership classes offered to juniors and seniors. High schoolers at EHCS are able to earn an Associate in Arts (AA) degree before graduation, refining their ability to handle challenging coursework, which sets them up for success in college.

Exciting Clubs and Electives

High schoolers at EHCS enjoy a wide range of electives, such as Business Leadership Academy, Weight Training, Creative Writing, Choir, Drama, and Yearbook. Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Student Government Association, Student Leadership, and Book Club are some of the ways your teen can be engaged in the school community. These clubs and electives will allow your high schooler to develop healthy friendships, explore their unique passions and showcase their talents for the school community.

Award-Winning Athletics

The high school athletics program at EHCS has nine sports teams, including volleyball, cross-country, cheerleading, basketball, baseball, and more. Athletic offerings are available for students in the fall, winter, and spring, providing many opportunities to develop discipline, teamwork, and physical skills. We’re proud of our athletes and their teams, having won more than 30 regional championships, 12 FCC, and 4 NACA National Championships.

Dedicated Teachers and Mentors

Teachers intentionally take the time to mentor students in all their activities, whether navigating coursework, handling leadership responsibilities, or discovering enrichments. Every teacher is given a chance to sponsor a grade level, a club, or events throughout the school year, ensuring your teen has the support they need.

Discover the bright possibilities for your teen at EHCS.

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College & Career Prep

Prepared for the Future

The collective experiences we offer in high school will prepare your teen academically and spiritually for years after graduation. Bible classes, rigorous coursework, career planning programs, as well as guidance from our faculty and staff, will set them up for success in their future aspirations.

9th Grade

Starting in 9th grade, students meet with our guidance counselor for 1:1 or group sessions to discuss the required classes per semester. They’re also offered choices to pursue electives while understanding the value of maintaining grades for their transcripts.

11th Grade

In 11th grade, students receive the same level of care and support with our guidance counselor to discuss required classes. Your teen will be prepared to take the ACT or SAT exams and begin meeting with college representatives.

10th Grade

For 10th grade, your teen will have more options to take Honors Classes and electives. Our guidance counselor will continue to meet students 1:1 or in groups to discuss meeting coursework requirements while encouraging them to sign up for PSC classes or take the PSAT exam.

12th Grade

Our 12th graders prepare for their final year in high school by meeting with a college counselor, completing their college applications, and having discussions with the principal to discuss their future plans. College representatives visit to provide seniors with an overview of top school choices.

Distinguished Graduates

Our graduates go on to study at prestigious schools all over the country, including Baylor University, Samford University, University of Florida, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and the University of West Florida.

We planned for our son to attend EHCS for only middle school, but the plans changed pretty quickly! He is now in high school, and we could not imagine him attending any other place. EHCS has provided the loving, faith-based environment that we were hoping for along with a wonderful education. It has been a joy watching him grow at EHCS and we look forward to our daughter attending next year.

 – The Tarnosky Family

School Culture

A Supportive Environment for Your Teen

As your teen embarks on their next steps after middle school, you envision an atmosphere where they will be valued, recognized, and supported. Our school culture at EHCS encourages spiritual growth, mutual respect, and healthy friendships that students can treasure for life. We support high schoolers through:

Optimal class sizes

Our community is a safe space where high schoolers from all backgrounds are seen and heard. Teachers model kindness and positive relationships and give spiritual encouragement in smaller settings, ensuring that every student’s need is met.

Service and leadership opportunities

Juniors and seniors can become Eagle Ambassadors and Eagle Buddies, where they engage elementary students in reading stories, holiday activities, and other events. We also provide opportunities for high school students to lead Bible studies, immerse in on-campus retreats, and attend a student leadership university off-campus.

Critical thinking

EHCS values our high schoolers’ development by providing a culture that’s intellectually stimulating and engaging. Socratic seminars, history fairs, science fairs, and inquiry-based approaches to learning encapsulate how we develop critical thinking skills among our students.

Campus Safety

As a parent, you want your growing teen to be physically and emotionally safe at school. Campus security at our East Hill community campus is our top priority as well. We’ve implemented safety measures that include fenced areas, locked doors, visitor check-ins, and staff background checks.

The Christ-centered culture at EHCS provides a safe space for high schoolers to build healthy relationships with peers, receive biblical mentorship from teachers, and engage in a supportive community that cares for their emotional well-being.

Experience High School at EHCS

As you consider private schools in Pensacola, FL, we invite you to schedule a tour with our admissions team. During our campus tours, you’ll see our enriching classrooms, learning centers, new library, gym, technology rooms, and upgraded open spaces. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet our dedicated faculty and staff, which will empower and nurture your teen.

QUESTIONS? You may reach out at (850) 438-7746 or admissions@ehcseagles.com.